Story of this blog

I am a Software Engineer and a Digital Marketer having 8-year experience in various IT companies including a Wipro Technologies Bangalore, india.

In January 2016, my brother who is running an electrical trading company in Trivandrum, India asked me to create a website for his company and he offered Rs: 10000.

Even though I never did a website in my life, I accepted the offer and began to research on website building. I discovered the amazing tool WORDPRESS, that changed my life there after.

I had passionately worked on that website design project  and completed the project within 1 weeks and published my first website (

With immense confidence, I started the website building company LOGICLAND Technologies PVT LTD.( in Trivandrum.The later months I got chances to build many websites for my clients across the globe.

LOGICLAND Technologie added Graphic design, web application development and Digital Marketing in our service.

The current era is booming with  Internet revolution due to the exponential hike of smartphone users and cheap internet.So I began to apply my Digital Marketing skills to various clients and on my websites and blogs.

We thought of bringing Digital Marketing to the common man, so we started the Digital Marketing Training centre  Digital Magnet (, in Trivandrum

Digital Marketing in the emerging technological world.I am still continuing to explore more on digital marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC, CPM, AdSense, AdWords, Autoresponders, Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Blogging, Content Writing (Article Writing, DIY guides, E-book Writing ) etc.

I understood blogging generates income through affiliate marketing, Adsense etc.. That fueled me to start a blog


What I suggest is

“Forget about the results, follow your passion….. Ultimately you will end up with success”

Thank you

Jesley A L

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Director & Digital Marketing Trainer